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Affordable Housing Development

Can you send an email to speak in support of permanent and sustainable affordable housing solutions?

Let the City Council know (until Saturday 8/20) which affordable housing options would be most preferred for you. And join our organization in the ongoing Community Land Trust movement.

Send a short (or long) email using our template below to share your Public Comment during this last weekof the Housing Element Update cycle in the City of Sebastopol (only once every 8 years). 

Your endorsement will support a small, new nonprofit organization seeking funding to develop affordable housing on community owned land. The Community Land Trust nonprofit model allows us to partner with city leaders to steward land and properties for affordable housing options. CommonSpace Community Land Trust is seeking partnerships to accomplish the development goals identified by leadership in the City of Sebastopol for affordable housing solutions.

Please help us partner with our local municipality by sharing your public comment to:


For the housing element update, you may detail locations and amenities you would prefer for a potential affordable housing site, as well as what this affordable housing would look like: 

1. (Apartment/ Multi-unit building/ Small Sites) 

2. (Acquisition and Rehabilitation/ Preserved and Restored Building) 

3. (Junior ADU/ Home-Conversion/ Attached single family home) 

4. (ADU/ Tiny Home/ Grandmother Unit) 

5. (Mobile Home Lot/ Safe Parking Site)

[On another sustainability topic, you may also let our public leaders know if you prefer parking requirements, or if you would rather improve roads for cycling and public transportation].

Learn more about the Housing Element Update at the City of Sebastopol: Link

Cooper Road | Sebastopol, CA

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions,

Kevin Tellez Ramos (he/him/his)
CommonSpace Community Land Trust
Program Manager


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