CommonSpace Community Land Trust

What is a community land trust?
Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organizations that treat land as a public good.
You can own your own home on community-owned land, and help
end the cycle of capitalist motivated valuation of land and properties.

Residents of Sonoma County face a housing crisis. Essential members of our community fear displacement. Renters are unable to afford rent increases, and homeowners fear foreclosure through economic uncertainty. In the North Bay Area and beyond, people are forced to commute farther distances to their jobs and schools because that is what they can afford. More drivers on roads and highways add to the pollution of our urban lifestyles. Housing is a basic human right, and our lands should be de-commodified to provide stable homeownership for BIPOC residents.

We care about:


Donate Your Unused Land to Help Victims of Economic Crisis From the Recent Pandemic, Wildfires, and Struggling Locals.