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CommonSpace CLT is a membership organization founded on the principles of membership involvement. Members are the backbone, heart and soul of the organization. They elect the Board of Directors, vote on by-law changes, serve as board and/or committee members and review the Annual Reports. Equally as important, members sustain the long term goals of the organization through volunteering and contributions. To learn more about opportunities to become a new member, Contact Us directly and be a part of “unleashing the power of community,” or click the “Donate Land” menu header now!

Why is CSCLT membership important?

Public and private funding grants to CSCLT always want us to demonstrate local backing through membership and membership contributions. The more comprehensive our membership, the more likely we are to be funded.

All members are welcome to apply to join a committee. You are entitled to vote at our annual membership meetings, nominate board members, receive annual reports, periodic newsletters and updates, and receive invitations to meetings and special events.

CSCLT is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation with an open membership and a democratically-elected board of directors.

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