The root idea of the Community Land Trust solution is that affordable housing is part of the public trust. Safeguarding secure housing for all the members of our community is what we seek to do.

As an antidote to the vicious cycle of perpetually increasing home values, the Community Land Trust permanently removes land from the speculative real estate market and protects affordable housing – forever.

CommonSpace CLT also has a deep commitment to ecological stewardship and onsite democratic governance.

Our intention is to partner with agencies in the public and private sector, as well as establish a broad base of member support to engage in projects and programs that develop and safeguard permanently affordable housing. We will work to develop new housing as well as with existing dwellings. Our goal is to keep people in place.

Our programs can accommodate rental models as well as limited equity approaches to secure housing. No matter what, we keep in mind that housing needs to be secure and sustainable, not temporary or precarious.

Our CLT has a unique dedication to multi-unit properties. We see that much of our current housing infrastructure isolates individuals and families from each other. It is our intent to support housing cooperatives in the rural and urban environments to collaboratively manage their housing and land resources. With the support of the Community Land Trust, dignity can be restored to those vulnerable members of our community and the social fabric can be re-woven in our communities.